Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Amber Amulet - Guest Reviewed by Roy

The Amber Amulet is the latest offering at Barking Gecko.

The Amber Amulet is the debut stage production from the pen of Western Australian Craig Silvey. Craig is primarily known as a novelist through works including Rhubarb and Jasper Jones. The Amber Amulet is based on a short story by Craig and the play demonstrates his gifted use of language and imagination. Artistic Director, John Sheedy, lives up to his growing reputation as he crafts this three hander into a piece of theatre that makes a comment and thoroughly entertains.

A strong stage cast compliments the production with Will O'Mahony, Sam Longley and Genevieve Hegney all able to demonstrate commitment to their art. The technical production was excellent and the Barking Gecko theatre environment comparable to the best staging facilities in Australia.

The play is accessible to all ages. Short plays often fail to meet their full potential because time lines limit the development of story and characters. However, this Barking Gecko production is the complete package, and a wonderful opportunity for all the family to spend time out together at live theatre.

Roy (Grandparent)

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