Monday, 20 June 2011

Rehearsal Week 2 and a brand new video

We've just wrapped up the second week of rehearsals for The Red Tree. Things are looking great and to top it off we have launched our first promotional video for the 2011 season. Thanks to Lush TV for creating a brilliant piece that reflects all the elements of the production.

Watch the behind the scenes video of The Red Tree

The first week saw the band, The Deaf Machine, reform to re-work and tighten up their five song score. From all reports it sounded like a great way to kick off rehearsals. Members of WAMi Award winning Perth outfit Boom! Bap! Pow! have come together to form the steam-punked trio. 

During this time our friends at Plumb Construction were creating the set. Production Manager, Genevieve Jones, constantly updated staff and cast on its progress at the workshop with intriguing photos. We were all amazed in the second rehearsal week to see it arrive piece by piece - only to be put together by the band boys. 
Cog assembly - team bonding
These cogs will form The Red Tree world. Each piece will be a new realm for the little girl, played by Ella Hetherington, to experience and navigate. Acrobatically inclined, Ella is no lightweight on the stage!
Ella, our star.
Thanks to Genevieve, Week 2 of rehearsals proved to be louder and faster than the first. The buyer extraordinaire purchased more and more junkyard instruments to create The Deaf Machine's unique mechanical sound. Some look addictively enticing while others just look dangerously weird. 

The band called this The Circularsaurus
This week we welcome Production Designer Gypsy Taylor, Sound Designer Kingsley Reeve and Lighting Designer Matthew Marshall to The Red Tree world. Stay tuned for plenty more photos!